Floating Market

I really wish there were less stray dogs in Thailand. Then I could take great pleasure in running outside in this beautiful weather in the early mornings when I wake up at 6-7am. It would also offset all this food intake that happens multiple times a day.

So we went to a “floating market” today — Dumnoen Saduak — a big tourist spot. I saw 3 tour buses leave just as we arrived… which was a good thing, wasn’t too crowded for us. We got on a boat tour that was 600 Baht for 7 people (less than $20). It was pretty fun for me if you know how much I love farmer’s markets. This was a farmer’s market on water. My favorite part was ordering/eating noodles on the boat. Delish. Can’t get that in the US fo sho.

An extra pic.. does this look tasty or what. We weren’t glutinous enough to get it, but yum.

More pics to come at the end of this trip.

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