Life After College… So far.

1. I started an internship at a great company, and by great I mean one that not only complements my experience and interests, but I’m also surrounded by lots of smart, good people with similar career interests as me. It’s also very exciting to see a company start from the ground up. I hope I can stay with them for a good amount of time.

2. I’ve been trying to not waste my summer by having lots of fun-filled weekends. I’ve only been to NY and bbqs/dinner parties so far, but I have a pretty good list prepared for the remaining weekends:

  • batman, dinner/drinks with some good peoples, clubbing
  • Fan Appreciation Day at Redskins Park
  • Celebrating 1 at the beach and seeing Coldplay
  • Hosting an end-of-the-summer bbq
  • THAILAND! for 2.5 weeks

3. I got my first decent looking paycheck earlier this week and I’m trying to be wise about my money spending habits. So the very first thing I did was open an ING Direct account, book a hotel at the beach, and then I took my family out to dinner. Whats next? Pay off some bills!

4. I’m keeping a running log to make sure that I am continuously running and progressing. I’ll post up a graph of it later on in the summer. I MUST make it to 10 miles.

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